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One-minute mental health check-ins for remote and hybrid teams.
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Great leaders put mental health first

We've interviewed hundreds of remote managers. Here's how they prioritize mental health:
In almost every 1:1 with my team, I start by asking if they are happy and if they are enjoying their work. The earlier you uncover problems, the better for everyone.
Yvette Kamperin
VP of Talent
As a leader, I try to be really intentional about checking in, since I can’t just fall back on reading social cues and body language.
Brent Evens
Strategy, Operations, and Product Manager
When you’re by your team in a group of desks, you can see in real time what they are struggling with and offer support. When remote, they have to signal for help when they need it.
Taylor Roa
Director of Talent
Supporting associates’ mental wellbeing is pivotal as nurturing for everyone's professional growth.
Joanne Kurdziel
Director of Talent Acquisition

Meet Hailey, your team's Morale Mascot

Hailey takes your team's pulse every morning, before diving into the craziness of the workday.

Build trust and transparency

Hailey shares everyone's pulse inside your team's private channel.

Practice empathy every morning

Pulse checks bond and unblock each other.

😩 Overwhelmed? John wants to help.

😁 Excited about the weekend? Jane wants to hear about your plans!

Prevent burnout before it starts

When employees feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or burnt out, they quit.

Hailey helps you identify those feelings before they become a problem.

Make your company a great place to work

"Adding Hailey has been by far the lowest effort, highest impact thing we’ve done to bring our team together!"
Mary Grace Reich
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