Data Privacy

Hailey has been thoroughly reviewed and approved by Slack for for the App Directory, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

No, we can't read your conversations.

We understand this is one of the biggest concerns when adding a new Slack app.

We can't read messages in any channel in your workspace.

So what data can we access?

Our App Directory listing lists what we'll have access to in your workspace. Here's some more details on what Hailey can do:
βœ” View basic information about public channels in your workspace

"Basic information" includes channel name, topic and purpose. This does not allow us to read messages in public channels.

βœ” View basic information about private channels that Hailey has been added to

Hailey can be added to any channel (public or private) with the /invite slash command in Slack. When Hailey is added to a private channel, we can read the name, topic, and purpose of that channel.

Hailey can only read this basic information for private channels to which it has explicitly been added via /invite.

βœ” View people in your workspace

Hailey can view basic information about users in your workspace: names, timezones, job titles, and public avatar images.

While we have access to all the information above, we only store the names of users that are in channels of which Hailey is a member. This is required because Hailey mentions specific users in some of her messages.

βœ” Send messages as @hello_hailey

Hailey can send messages to public channels or private channels to which she has been added.

That being said, Hailey only sends messages in public channels of which she is a member. By default, she'll send no more than one message to a channel per day.

What data do we store?

Not much!Β We store no more than is necessary for the app to work.
βœ” Workspace name

ex. "Hailey"

βœ” SlackChannel names and ID's

ex. "#random", "#general"

We only store names and ID's for channels where the Hailey Slack bot has been installed.

βœ” Member names and ID's

ex. "John Smith"

We only store names of channel members for channels where Hailey has been installed.
Hailey mentions specific users in her prompts and "Guess Who?" mini-games. She needs to know who's in the channel to do this.

❓Any more questions?

No problem! Send us a message at [email protected].

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