Meet the team behind the dog

We believe all remote workers deserve a fun and fulfilling workplace.

Our co-founders, Evan and Tim, have worked together for over a decade. As co-founders and team leaders, we’ve always believed work should be fun. Creating a fun in-office work environment came naturally to us. Doing it for our post-pandemic, globally distributed team was much harder.

So we brought Hailey back to life. Hailey was our CEO Tim’s golden retriever for 13 wonderful years. She was fun, friendly, and loved everyone. She’s the office dog that’s missing in the remote office.

With the help of our small, but amazing, globally distributed team, we’re bringing Hailey to remote offices everywhere. Together, we’re fulfilling our mission of making remote work both fun and fulfilling.

Adopt Hailey to your team

"Adding Hailey has been by far the lowest effort, highest impact thing we’ve done to bring our team together!"
Mary Grace Reich