Anand Safi
Senior Engineering Manager

When there is a sense of trust and respect in the team in remote culture, it brings a high degree of psychological safety and morale. This translates to building sustainable high performing teams.

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Anand Safi

Make your company a great place to work

"Adding Hailey has been by far the lowest effort, highest impact thing we’ve done to bring our globally scattered team together!" - Mary Grace Reich
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Staff Software Engineer - USA

Take ownership of products and features from start to finish, and become a knowledge resource that your teammates can trust and rely on.

Release Manager

Work closely with our DevOps, Build and Product teams to ensure a timely and effective release of the Mark43 Platform to our various installations across AWS and Azure.

Engineering Manager

Lead development for our suite of public safety software.

DevOps Engineer

Ensure our infrastructure is fault tolerant, fully automated, secure and complies with applicable regulations.

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