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Groupon adopted Hailey!

Hailey connects teams at Groupon through conversations, challenges, and asynchronous mini-games in Slack.
Get set up in seconds with /invite @Hailey
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Add Hailey to your team in seconds

Groupon's already reviewed and installed Hailey to your Slack workspace.


Pick a channel

Choose your team's primary channel, or a dedicated #team-watercooler.



Add Hailey by typing /invite @Hailey into the channel.



Watch Hailey bring your team closer together.

Slack App for Icebreakers like "Tell us your favorite vacation spot"

Guess Who❓

See how well you really know your teammates

Hailey shares a question and a random teammate's answer

Everyone has to guess who said it!

Hailey reveals the answer after 24 hours

Conversation Starters

Hailey's questions are fun, original, and thought provoking, with plenty of dog gifs.

Her occasional "@" mentions encourage even the most introverted team members to participate.


🌅 Picture Perfect
Hailey asks the team to share photos following a theme.

Everyone votes on their favorites with emoji reactions.
🤔 Two Truths and a Lie
Hailey prompts a random team member to share two facts about themselves, plus one lie.

It's the team's job to spot the lie!

Leaders use Hailey to build fun and fulfilling remote workplaces

Mary Grace
Manager, Global Operations

Adding Hailey has been by far the lowest effort, highest impact thing we’ve done to bring our globally scattered team together! It’s been fun to get to know each other better over Slack and definitely improved the team dynamic in person too.

Sr Manager, Engineering

Hailey's done an amazing job of recreating the spontaneous interactions we used to have in the office. People raved about it so much that now more than half the company is using it!

Sr Director, Paid Search

At first mention of Haileyto the Director group, the enthusiasm over the idea of the product was amazing. Since then, every team has been raving about how many fun conversations and real connections Hailey has brought to each group. Truly a fun & easy way to create a positive team culture!

Join your Groupon peers fighting remote work isolation with Hailey

"It's been great as I'm guiding the program to take that concern of how to engage with everyone off my plate. They've genuinely gotten to know each other more and connect because of it."

- Michelle Condon - Sr Technical Recruiter @ Groupon
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